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Google Cloud launches BigLake, a new cross-platform data storage engine

At its Cloud Data Summit, Google today announced the preview launch of BigLake, a new data lake storage engine that makes it easier for enterprises to analyze the data in their data warehouses and data lakes. The idea here, at its core, is to take Google’s experience with running and managing its BigQuery data warehouse […]

The 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies: The 2022 Internet Of Things 50

Surging demand for enhanced privacy and increased government efforts to restrict the amount of data collected by IoT devices in the financial services, retail and healthcare industries is expected to drive increased investment in IoT security. Safeguarding the future of internet-connected devices and giving customers the choice to opt-out of data collection are the main […]

Exploring the services and benefits of cloud monitoring

An apt analogy for cloud computing is one in which something becomes so big and unwieldy that storage becomes an issue. This big important thing needs to be stored in a place that is an effectively unlimited amount of space. Communities do this with their trash via landfills. A more apt analogy is that that […]

Stellar Weather: Researchers Describe the Skies of Exoplanets

A paper released today describes in the greatest detail to date the atmospheres on distant planets. Seeking the origins of what’s in and beyond the Milky Way, researchers surveyed 25 exoplanets, bodies that orbit stars far beyond our solar system. Specifically, they studied hot Jupiters, the largest and thus easiest to detect exoplanets, many sweltering […]

A remedy to retail’s supply chain woes is in the Cloud

From empty store shelves to out-of-stock website notifications, Canadian retailers – and their customers – are feeling the pain of the pandemic’s impact on global supply chains. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of it abating soon with 70 per cent of small businesses reporting supply chain challenges as a big issue for their organization in 2022. […]

NVIDIA Networking Solutions – Unlock the full potential of your Data Center

Secure and reliable high-speed networking is the backbone of modern Data Centers and Enterprises. A well-designed network provides not only the necessary high-speed throughput and low latency required to transport data between network nodes and data centers but also the redundancy and security to keep data centers and enterprises safe and operating at peak efficiency. NVIDIA® […]

Five Must-Have Data Integration Capabilities for Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud data warehouse and data lake providers offer numerous options As organizations seek to become more competitive, they are often moving to cloud data warehouses (CDWs) and cloud data lakes (CDLs) to help manage large volumes of diverse data and perform advanced analytics. Respondents to TDWI surveys agree that the cloud is the future of […]

Setting Your Sights on Data Intelligence

A navigation guide to improving data-driven decision-making in the cloud Data intelligence also means understanding data relationships and flows such as lineage. Such knowledge is a critical part of understanding your overall data landscape. It’s like needing to know where your plane is located relative to other planes, and to potential landing places at all […]

3 Key Steps to Modernizing Legacy Applications in the Cloud

The Time to Modernize Is Now In the last year, enterprises and industries of all kinds faced rapidly changing business environments and widespread disruption. They either adapted, or found themselves leapfrogged by more agile competitors. Some organizations have the agility to:• Seize market opportunities• Improve customer journeys• Create or respond to competitive disruption• Increase innovation Others don’t. […]