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The future of xdr is now!

According to ESG research, many organizations plan to increase investments in threat detection and response this year. Unfortunately, this is because current threat detection and response strategies aren’t working well, so security operations center (SOC) teams need improvement across people, process, and technology. Recognizing the myriad of issues with threat detection and response, security technology […]

2021 data protection trends executive brief

Checklist for your data Changes and challenges impacting IT 2020 was a unique year that forever changed the IT landscape, creating new challenges for all. In the new Veeam report, more than 3,000 business and IT leaders across 28 countries were surveyed on their data management challenges and successes, including the impact 2020 had on […]

Modern backup buyers’ guide

Checklist for your data protection project Are you and your team considering all the facets of any new cloud data strategy? This Forrester guide provides directions into what capabilities to look for and offers questions that IT decision makers should ask themselves and their team as they evaluate their company’s specific data needs, including: Comprehensive […]

Get in the know, now

Know the early signs in the market and explore a future with #NoBoundaries. From the Metaverse to the 4th industrial revolution (4IR) and changing societal values, new forces are set to radically transform communications in the next decade. For CSPs, understanding the early signals and taking action are crucial to long-term success. Our Know, now […]

5 tips for transforming your endpoint security

Digital transformation, the move to the cloud, and a rapidly expanding attack surface are driving the need for a new class of endpoint security, capable of defending organizations against a more diverse and sophisticated threat landscape. Is your endpoint security ready? Download 5 tips for transforming your endpoint security Whitepaper

Ethical Considerations When Deploying AI Processes

One publication that makes its way almost daily into my inbox frequently uses the phrase “AI Ethics.” While my objection to this phrase may seem overly nitpicky, the fact is that while having no common sense, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in and of itself also has no ethics. The real issue is what I would label […]

“What would happen if?”: Creating a disaster recovery plan for your business

“What if…?” can be a scary, overwhelming question for business owners.  The tough questions are often the necessary ones. Disasters, both natural and manmade, are unpredictable, and many businesses never reopen after a disaster. However, your preparedness is in your control. Creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan is considered one of the most effective […]

A guide to how CMOs can build trust in the digital economy.

Too many brands are losing customer trust (and revenue) in their digital interactions. By becoming guardians of customer trust, CMOs could build more revenue—and internal trust too. It’s getting urgent. Can I get you something from the store? The meaning of these words has radically changed. Global e-commerce revenue will soon pass the $5 trillion […]

Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers

The world around us has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer experience has been completely redefined, and although many services have become “touchless” in our post-pandemic world, touchless does not mean “contactless.” Instead, consumers expect outstanding on-demand service from the organizations they do business with, using the channels they prefer (including voice, […]