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DOD exploring requirements for managed service providers under CMMC

The Department of Defense has created a new framework of cybersecurity requirements and certifications contractors must achieve under the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). But what about the DOD contractors that mostly outsource their IT and cybersecurity to managed service providers? The Pentagon’s CMMC leadership, now housed in its Office of the CIO, is planning […]

Wow, Americans Really Hate Their Internet Service Providers

You know you have a perception problem when your industry has a sorrier showing than the US Postal Service or even gas stations. But alas, that’s where internet service providers are this week with the release of the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Telecommunications Study for 2021-2022.  Among over 45 different industries surveyed (including such wide-ranging […]

7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

You have 7 critical reasons to protect your Microsoft 365 data. This 5-minute easy-to-read document helps you convince your managers and peers that your organization needs Microsoft 365 data protection. Register to get your copy of 7 Critical Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

Trust Report. The digital economy is personal.

The foundation of digital business is trust. Today’s digitally-savvy consumers expect companies to step up as trust leaders in their communities, workplaces, and marketplaces.  From living their brand purpose to respecting customer data to delivering valuable experiences, trust is earned – and broken – with every experience.  And while this new research found that 69% of […]

How to Choose an e-signature Solution

Today, e-signature technology is common around the globe in nearly every industry and department. However, not all businesses have the same needs when choosing an e-signature provider. For example, Financial services and pharmaceuticals require solutions that hold up against strict regulatory and compliance standards. At the same time, technology companies may need an efficient way […]

How Growing Companies Can Benefit from Contract Lifecycle Management

Growing businesses have limited resources and aggressive targets. However, this doesn’t mean they need to use outdated resources that slow down the agreement process. Instead, small contracting teams can do more with less by using modern technology to centralise, standardise and automate agreement activity. In this eBook, we answer all the questions growing companies have […]

How to Build a Sustainable Business

The Focus on Sustainability in Business Models The modern organisation has a unique opportunity to embrace environmental momentum and build sustainability into every part of their workflows. This eBook will explore the modern business landscape and how responsible companies are taking action to increase business productivity in the digital age and reduce their environmental impact. […]

10 reasons to adopt e-Signature

Although e-signatures have been legally recognised for decades, some businesses have been reluctant to replace traditional ink-and-paper processes. But in the last two years, all of that changed. If you’re ready to let go of paper processes, you may have some questions about implementing e-signatures and if they can work for your organisation. To give […]

Launch And Scale Your Corporate Social Responsibility Program

When you’re focused on growing your business, an impactful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is an essential component in not only building trust in your brand, but for improving employee engagement and strengthening relationships with both clients and customers. As you’re building or scaling your program, you’ll want to tap into existing and emerging trends […]