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2022 State of Digital Experiences

How Webinars and Digital Events Performed in 2021 and What Marketers Can Look Forward to in 2022

State of Digital Experiences: 2022

Many marketers hit their stride for digital experiences in 2021. There were some false starts
as vaccines rolled out and an urge to return to physical events drew some marketers to plan
hybrid or in-person events. However, new variants, breakouts and lockdowns kept marketers on their toes and encouraged them to adjust their plans by either limiting in-person gatherings or switching to
digital events.

Talk of digital fatigue swirled the industry but there has been a consistent increase in audience
engagement through digital experiences. This is an understandable trend as marketers use more engagement tools and align their digital experiences — and CTAs within those experiences — to the buyers’ journey. For marketers, 2021 contains many lessons to be learned as they look to improve engagement in the digital experiences they produce.

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